The Drawing Room

Recently, McKyes was assigned to a project to re-design a front lounge. Our aim was to transform a room that wasn’t used regularly, into a space which would allow friends and family to socialise in comfort. Our designer Pat, worked with the client and myself (Tim) to create a ‘lodge themed’ plan. It was agreed that the room needed a total revamp.

To do so, the old fireplace had to be replaced and the back wall stepped out to define a new fire design. A space above was also allocated to integrate TV entertainment with cinema surround sound. Each wall was to be panelled which involves the remaking and matching new ceiling coving, as the old coving was in rather poor condition. McKyes produced wall panelling which allowed space to fit lighting, radiators, framed art, a closed drinks cabinet, a curved window seating area and curved skirting boards to match with the same profile as the rest of the house.
The process involves, McKyes to measure and draw the project in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) to achieve exact proportions, including elements for light switches, heating pipes and panel sizes etc. Precise detailing gave the wall panelling an ‘ovolo’ style matching a classic and traditional theme. Meanwhile, Pat was assisting the client giving advice on colours, fabrics and the design layout whilst at the workshop work started in the production of the wall panelling, this involved taking the CAD design into a build with very clever and precise programming, as well as using some of the latest materials we could produce 2.6-meter wall panels.

The advantage of working this way was for accuracy and time saving during fitting. The panels were to be painted in one section, which prevents any shrinkage and cracking in the future (in an up and coming Blog, I intend to show Mckyes development into our totally bespoke new 25mm thick door range for painted cabinet in-frame door designs, working in this way.)

Once all the elements had been built and the colour was chosen, the coloured primer was applied in our spray shop, ready for delivery. Working closely with the various trades always helps with our fitting times. A project like this calls on team work, defiantly that we were all proud of.

The pictures show the various steps along the way from a before and after with the finished shots that are located on the portfolio page.



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